I have windows 2003 on my laptop but it has a virus Can I simply delete the curr

Can I completely delete the current operating system off of my laptop as well as the software (after backing everything up) and the install windows 7? What all will I need to do this?
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  1. All you need to do is put the DVD into your DVD Drive and click install and fresh install it will remove all the data on the drive.

    Scratch that its Server 03. In order to install you need to have a Windows 7 DVD (NOT upgrade) and put it into your DVD Drive and reboot the computer, tell it to boot from CD/DVD and it will begin the setup, when it asks you which type of installation you want to do do a Fresh install it will format your hard drive removing all the data and install Windows 7.
  2. but if you back everything up you will probably back the virus up as well?
  3. It will hopefull tph093s only backed up the files they want not everything
  4. cant you get rid of the virus first , and then back it all up
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