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Just put Abit KG7 MotherBoard in my PC and cant get it to boot NO BEEPS NO CMOS just blank screen. Also floppy A: drive stays lit. changed it at both ends both ways.Im using 256 MB DDR 2100 RAM just purchased for MB-1GHZ 266 CPU. HELP
Thanks for any advice
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  1. I would take the mb out of the case, and place it on the pink bag it came in. Re-seat your ram, and try booting up with just video card, ram, and cpu/heatsink. You may have to remove your ps if the main connector won't reach the plug on the motherboard. Even with bad ram, your system should boot unless the ps is woefully inadequate. I use only a sparkle 235 watt ps on my system, as it runs cooler. I'm still able to overclock to 1333.
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