Can I transfer files from an SSD to a new HD with the same letter

I have filled an 80GB SSD, I want to expand my FSX collection but do not want to spend days reinstalling everything if I can avoid doing so.

Can I simply add a 250GB regular HD and assign it thwe same letter as the SSD and transfer (Copy/paste) everything over?

Any other idea's?

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  1. Okay, I found out that I can clone the SSD drive, install the new drive, and then just copy the files over.

    I could have deleted this thread I guess, but I thought the solution might help someone else down the road.
  2. I am just going to clone the SSD and then put the files on my existing 1TB HD, I'm a loon.
  3. I'm sure this will be helpful to people. Good job on figuring it out on your own, and thanks for sharing! :)

    P:S:- You ain't a 'loon''re merely learning, just like many of us!
  4. ^Exactly.
    We all learn each day about something or two. For example, me, I just learnt this because of you. :)
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