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Weird lockups and too high temps on A7V266

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September 5, 2001 5:04:20 PM

I have yet to have any trouble with this motherboard paired with an Athlon C 1200, except these:

At first boot I went straight into BIOS, and found that the CPU-temperature was already at 49 C, and rising half a degree every 10 second or so. Eventually it reached 59 C! This is just the BIOS setup, which I´d hardly consider "heavy load".

After this experience I set the CPU to 1000 MHz (7.5x133) and it helps a little, it´s never gone above 60 C. Typical idle temp is 54 C according to MBM 5, ASUS Probe V.2.14.04 and BIOS. After 2-3 hours of Unreal Tournament it´s typically 59 C.

Heatsink is NoiseControl 1957 w/ ~3800 RPM Papst fan. I applied Arctic Silver (not II) really carefully using a razor and I´m sure the HSF is properly mounted.

I´ve been running CPUIdle for a day now and it doesn´t seem to help. I don´t have any case fans but I left the side off. Ambient temp is ~20 degrees.

I have read at lots of places that something ASUS misreads temps by 10 C, is this caused by the physical sensor or the software that reads it? Since MBM 5, ASUS Probe V.2.14.04 and BIOS all give me the same temps, I guess that this bug must be fixed on this mobo?

Any thoughts? Have I missed something obvious? Will a closed case with a couple of 80 mm fans be better than one without fans but open side?

My second problems is that I often get lockups a couple of hours after boot. Not complete lockups, mp3:s keep playing, games keep running but mouse and keyboard doesn´t work. Only solutions is too use the allmighty powerbutton.

It doesn´t seem to be related to overheating cause it doesn´t occur any sooner when 3D-gaming than when web-browsing.

A7V266 rev. 1.06
Athlon C 1200 @ 1000
NoiseControl 1957 HSF
256 MB TwinMos DDR w/ Huyndai chips at default settings
Gainward GeForce2 PRO 64 MB
Seagate U5 40 GB
Realtek NIC
Onboard C-Media sound
LG DVD 12x/40x

Win 98 SE
VIA 4.32
Nvidia 12.41
C-Media drivers from ASUS CD
Realtek NIC drivers from Win 98 CD

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September 6, 2001 6:33:13 AM

I got the A7V266 too and I think it's a great board. I run Windows 2000 and I have not had a single lock-up or "Illegal action" since I installed the O/S 1.5 month ago. In your case I would definetly change to W2K I have seen severel examples of Windows 9x not being able to handle DRR-RAM at a low CAS Latency.
The temperature thing is totally acceptable at about 60 degrees. If it was 65-70 I would start to worry allthough I have had a Duron 800 run at approx 65 for a year without any problems except normal Windows 98 crashes and blue screens. :-) My current CPU (Athlon 1200 Mhz) reads out at 56 degrees on my Asus A7V266.
By the way do you have DirectX 8 installed? This version of the software tends to [-peep-] up certain Geforce Cards along with the 12.43 drivers which I think has been taken of Nvidias homepage again!
Hope this helps you.

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