How can I open Playstation 2 controller plugs/connectors?


This is my 1st post here, I hope this is the correct section for my question.

Last month I bought four old Playstation 2 consoles, 1 was working and the other 3 I could repair so they work now.
I also got 4 controllers with them, they were all broken, but I could fix only 1, the other 3 have the wires broken in the cable. The cables are in bad shape, so I want to replace the cables completely. I can desolder the cable in the controller so that is not a problem, but I don't know how to open the plugs that go into the Playstation itself.
I looked at it but I don't know how to open them without completely destroying the plugs.

Is there anyone who knows how to open the plugs?
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    If no one can answer maybe someone here could as they seem to do it.
  2. Thanks, but I already figured out how to open them.
  3. I wonder how you opened it without destroying it, could you explain it?
  4. I used a thin knife going around the plug (there is a seam) to make it a bit wider, enough to put a very thin screwdriver in it to unlock the clips holding the thing together.
    I pulled out the pins with a needle, but it was very hard and broke a few pins.
  5. I'll try that, thanks.
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