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I use a 22" Acer x223w LCD monitor which, according to the Acer site is HDCP compatible. I recently bought an HDMI - DVI conversion cable so that I could play my PS3 on the monitor since I only have older CRT TVs (Big screen, low definition)

From everything I have read I should be able to plug the cord in to my PS3/Monitor, hold the power button for 6 seconds in order to reset the PS3's display options so that I can select HDMI output and start playing.

However, when I connect the cord the monitor registers the connections and goes to sleep when the PS3 is off (As it should) but when I turn on the PS3, the monitor's message changes to "cable not connected" and stays that way.

I have updated my monitor's drivers, and attempted to set the PS3's output to HDMI though my TV (Although that doesn't work since I only have CRT TVs) and nothing seems to work.

Help would be greatly appreciated, and if there is any other forum where this would be better suited to go then please point me in that direction =) Thanks.

Edit: I have made some progress, although I'm not sure what I did other than commit my DVI port to my PS3 and switch back to using the VGA port for my PC (So that I don't have to change plugs and can just flip a switch) and now the screen is black with an "Input not supported" message. Supposedly this is something that happens with my monitor model. The only guides that I can find are from several years ago so the PS3 menus are a little different. (A problem since I have to do it without seeing what I'm pressing)
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  1. PS3 can't be transferred to DVI, I am not sure why. I have read around to answer this question before. Sorry I can't give full details on solution =\
  2. I actually just got it working a little while ago. For some reason it only working if I have my PC hooked up to the monitor via a VGA connection. I can't just have the HDMI - DVI cable connected or it doesn't work.
  3. I was able to hook my Acer S201hl lcd monitior to my ps3 with just hdmi to dvi adapter.
    step 1 connect the cable
    step 2 acer (i dont about other brands) has a source button on the monitor inline with the menu buttons for the monitor, press it to change the source from vga to dvi
    step 3 your monitor should say input not detected
    step 4 hold down the ps3 power button it can detect the change

    NB* you may have to repeat the steps sometime when you turn off the monitor and the game

    I hope this helped. ps remember alter your ps3 display settings 720 was my max with this configuration
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