Burnt CPU???

sorry for this long post. just bought a new AMD PC a few days ago, these are the specs:

256MB Crucial Ram Stick (1 stick)
Abit KG7 Raid DDR Board
2 20GB Maxtor HDD (Raid 0 config)
Inno3D 32MB DDR GTS Graphics Card
300W Powmax PSU
52X AOpen CDROM Drive
12X 8X 32X Sony CD Writer
Creative Audigy DE Soundcard
Creative Inspire 5300 Speakers
Global Win Cak38 HSF
Global Win 8 Case exhaust fan
USB Motorola Cable Modem

The computer was assembled by the shop I bought it from, and everything was working fine at first. Thus, I decided to put in my old 6.4GB Western Digital HDD.

I wired it as the Primary Slave, but the system had some problems with it. After trying to config the thing, suddenly there was a spark (the casing was open) and the whole computer powered down. No more HDD lights or power lights.

I turned on the system again, and I still experienced the HDD problem of having a failed boot disk. I kept restarting the system and then deleted my Raid Array. However, it was then that I smelt a burning smell. I immediately turned off the PSU, and smelt around the open casing. I determined that the Aopen CDROM Drive seemed to be giving out the smell, so I unplugged the power wire to it.

Then I turned it on again, and this time, although the HDD light and power light came on, the monitor did not receive any input, and the LED was orange in colour. I thought that perhaps the VGA Cable of the monitor is broken in the middle, so I moved the cable around and restarted several times, but nothing seems to work. The power and HDD LEDS continued to be on, but after about 20 seconds, the HDD LEDS will go off, and the system will go into a "hang" state. The Numlock and Capslock button will not work.

I thought that the CPU burnt itself out, but I did not OC it, and the HSF was installed by my dealer. To be sure, I left the system on for about a minute, and touched the copper heatsink. The heatsink felt hot. The fan of the GTS Card was also turning.

I took out the GTS card and tried an old S3 Virge PCI Video card, still it won't work. I cleared the CMOS several times. My monitor worked with my older PC. I flipped the Crucial Ram stick around, and all I got was beeps from the system speaker.

I took out almost everything except for the graphics card, still it won't work. The PSU fan and case fan were also turning and everything was receiving power. I returned the whole computer to its original state (except for that "burnt" cdrom drive), and still it won't work. There wasn't anything - no beeps, nothing!

Anybody can help me pls?

Athlon... Duron... Xeon... What A GoOd RhYmE...
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  1. I would take it back to the dealer were you had it built and make them fix it.

    When I go into a computer store I lose all means of reason for some reason.
  2. You connected five ide devices on a 300W PSU, right?
    All 300W PSU that I know support only four ide devices. It's not probable that they can handle five ide devices plus a power hungry system like yours.
    In my opinion your PSU is gone.
    You should try a 400W PSU.
  3. Since you suspect that it is the CD player unplug the power from it , and see what happens. It could be that a short in your CD player is dragging down the power supply or something.

    If all else fails, then put everything back like when you bought it, and take it back where you bought it. It sounds like a motherboard problem to me, but who knows, I'm not there.
  4. You probably toasted the PSU when you tried the plug in the 5th device. Unless you have a really high quality PSU, most 300w ones can't handle a heavy-duty AMD system and all the drives you tried to use. I would take it back to them and tell them that it just fried. Don't tell them about trying to put the new drive in. Make them replace the PSU, and if that doesn't fix it, make them redo the whole thing one piece at a time until it works.
  5. thanx for replying, and that's precisely what i'll do if all else fails. i'd only do it as a last resort though, since the dealer most probably won't help me fix the stuffs for free if i opened the computer myself

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  6. yep i connected 5 ide drives at first, but i unplugged 2 ide drives, leaving only my cd-writer and both maxtor hdds.
    it doesn't seem to be my PSU, since my monitor draws power from the PSU and its receiving power. the power and hdd LEDS on the casings were also on

    Athlon... Duron... Xeon... What A GoOd RhYmE...
  7. i've already plugged out the "shorted" cdrom drive. i also though it to be a mobo problem, since no PCI devices is working. but if it's a mobo problem, the HDD LEDS should not be on, and there should be beeps right?

    Athlon... Duron... Xeon... What A GoOd RhYmE...
  8. thanx that's what i'll do as a last resort, but seem it's gonna cost me some $$

    Athlon... Duron... Xeon... What A GoOd RhYmE...
  9. this is weird. i mean, if the cpu was fried, then it wouldnt be getting warm right?
    i mean, the last fried cpu i encountered wouldnt even warm up. it would just stay cold.
    also, do you know where the spark came from? i mean if something had touched the motherboard while the computer was on, like a wire, or maybe the power cable with the molex connector touched something that was able to get inside the molex and make a circut, shorting out the psu. that may have killed the psu. or maybe have killed the motherboard. also, have you tried taking out that hard drive that you added?
    that thing may have shorted or something. maybe the circut board on the bottom had been damaged (like a scratch across the pcb) and that shorted out.
    in any case, i would just take it to the place where you bought it. i mean, hell, if you just got tha damn thing, then there should be some sort of return policy. just dont tell them that you added anything. and about opening it. that doesnt matter. my dad bought a Hewlitt Crappard. the psu on that thing started to make a awful burning smell after about a month of use. i cracked that thing open to see what the hell was making that smell. then i took it to the hp certified service place, and they didnt even care that i had opened it. or even that i had added a network card! so i dont think that the place that you bought it from should give you problems about having opened the case. and if they do, then i would never go back to that place again. you own the computer, shoudnt you be able to do whatever you want with it?
    no offense, but this is why i personally disagree with buying "premade" computers. building it yourself is cheaper, you get more for your money, and you dont have to deal with someone when something goes south. you either RMA it, or buy a new one. as he naked chef says, "easy peazey!"

    -Vacuums suck...really...-
  10. I'd take it back to the shop. I've never had a PC builder gripe because I added anything - as long as it was legit. The PC is designed to be upgraded and expanded. I shipped a full tower PC back to a vendor once for warranty repairs. They just told me to take all of the stuff I had added out before sending it in, since they didn't want to be responsible for keeping track of my parts. If you think you screwed up, then it's yours to pay for. But if one of the components was defective, they should replace it and send it back to the manufacturer. I prefer to build systems myself, but a decent warranty is one reason people buy pre-built comps. See how good yours is. Good luck.
  11. yeah...i totally agree with the warranty thing...i think that is why i bought retail parts tho...they are most likely to come with a warranty..
    i have a question tho....
    where did he buy the pc from...i would like to know so that if it is an online company, or even a retail store...i will not got there....unless they fix the computer for him..

    -Vacuums suck...really...-
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