If you have nvidia 3d & know about FPS then help!

I was using fraps on Hard Reset the other day and got 30 - 60 fps using 3d.
Does fraps measure overall fps or per eye?
If so then 15 - 30 per eye is terrible, but it seemed quite smooth - like 30 - 60 per eye.
When running normally in 2d I got 80 - 160 fps.
If 3d halves the framerate (roughly) then why didn't I get 40 - 80 fps?
It must be per eye!
So 30 - 60 fps in 3d must be 60 - 120 fps overall?

Please help, because I want to run a series of tests with BF3 - to determine what my gtx 460 can do!
Any links to articles, etc. would be appreciated!

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  1. I used to have nvidia 3d but never had fraps open to measure. Think of it this way when you go into 3d mode your computer has to make a sepereate image of the game and place it beside the other one like overlaying so that extra load causes your frame loss.

    True 3d EXP will come when you get 120fps ingame measuring while 3d is on. I congratualte you for actually keeping yours.
  2. I didn't read too many articles, but I've been running 3d vision for a few months now. I can tell you 100% positive- the FPS given by FRAPS is FOR A SINGLE EYE. If FRAPS says 40, then your left eye is getting 40 and your right eye is getting 40. If it shows 60, then you're getting 60+60 for a total of 120 on a 120 hertz monitor.
    3d mode makes the GPU render every frame TWICE - from a slightly different perspective for each eye. Therefore it has the POTENTIAL to drop frame rates by 50%. However, driver and game optimization can significantly lower the impact.

    Don't listen to FreeLoader, the images are not "overlaid" on each other. They are displayed completely separately- first one image, then the next, alternating 120 times a second. True stereo 3d is achieved even at 1 FPS, because the monitor is still refreshed with alternating frames 120 TIMES EVERY SECOND. This is why it is also possible to view still 3d images (like in the nvidia setup utility which launches when you first enable 3d). In such case you get very choppy game play with stereo effect UNBROKEN. Of course, nobody would want to play a game in such conditions- 1 FPS is crap, whether in 3d or 2d.

    Also, uh, I strongly suspect a single GTX 460 will struggle with BF3 in higher resolutions, especially if you wanna keep details high AND run it in 3d mode. Recommended requirements include a GTX 560, and developers have commented that this is really for medium settings. Without 3d, obviously. It's pretty insane.
    Anyway, hope this answers you. Good luck!
  3. I agree with Jay's last statement. If it's any benchmark for you, I have a GTX 560i and I get 20-25FPS while playing BFBC2 in 3D at 1080p. Basically, it's unplayable online (although not so bad in single player).

    Unless you have a pretty big budget (i.e. 3 SLI 560 GTX or 2 SLI 580GTX) then I doubt you'll be able to render BF3 in 3d at 1080p with high settings.

    Your 460GTX should be able to handle BF3 at High Settings at 1080p resolution without 3D (my guess).

    3D Gaming can be pretty expensive (so I've learned).
  4. Yes, it's per eye. 3D frames are not generated independently, a single frame is generated with both eyes images and then the 3d vision driver splits it. You will definately have to lower resolution and settings to play BF3 in 3D with a single GTX 460. Medium settings at 720p might be playable.
  5. I have 2x 570 SLI and BFBC2 runs like crap in 3d. So I think you need an upgrade to play BF3 in 3d
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