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Dead Island save file location

Does anyone know the save files location path on windows 7?
I want to backup the files and there is a problem finding that information on the net because most of the results are about the patch that deleted the save files.
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  1. look in C:\Program Files (x86)\Dead Island

    should be a folder called out with save and profile in it

    or C:\Program Files\Dead Island if not 64bit
  2. There is a folder called "out" in My Documents/DeadIsland folder (all the saves of my other games are located in My Documents folder) but i don't see a save profile there. I don't see any saves in my Steam folder either. Do you know the specific name of the save file?
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    try --start then search and search for

  4. Thank you for your help. Although I didn't find save_1.sav on my PC, I googled it and from other forum I found the actual path: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\xxxxxxxx\91310\remote\out\save. Well, I couldn't guess that xxxxxxxx\91310=Dead Island...
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  6. never occured to me you might have installed to d drive as all my games go on my ssd so i dont install to drive d--still at least the info i gave helped :D
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