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Gettting Gigabyte 7DXR next week..anything I need

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September 8, 2001 3:21:03 AM

I am getting my Tbird 1.4MHZ and Gigabyte 7DXR next week along with a 256PC2100 DDR (Corsair). Anything I need to know before I installed it like newer drivers or known issues...anythin will help as this is the first time I am going to this (I'll probably ask for help).

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September 8, 2001 3:40:08 AM

Great least that's what I'm leaning towards. I'm curious to see how it turns out for you. The only reason I don't buy it right now is because I want to see how boards with the kt266a chipset perform. I've read the review on here and they're saying that the performance of the kt266a are about 25% better than the AMD 760 chipset. I'm curious to see if that's a real noticeable difference to a user or just in benchmarks.

What other components are you getting? What are you going to use the rig for? Why did you settle for this motherboard? It sounds like yo've read all of the reviews I've read and so we may have come to the same conclusions. Let me know cause I'm curious.

"If It Ain't Broke....Tweak It!!!"
September 8, 2001 6:56:10 AM

I have read tons and have come to the following conclusions on components:

Here is best stuff in catergories (expensive!):

best air cooling cases:

best mid tower:
(Modified) Lite-On Fs020

best full tower (good for custom water cooling setup too):
(also at addtronics 7896a

best water cooled case: the new high performance case

best power supply units:
cheaper, but still good power supplies come from

best atapi hard drive:
Seagate Barracuda IV or IBM 60gxp?
I think the Barracude is probably faster.

best scsi hard drive:

best scsi controller: Adaptec scsi controllers

best ram?: pc2400 by corsair? or new unreviewed pc2700? unknown. crucial is good for the money:

Thermal paste:
Artic Silver 2 or Nanotherm, depending on what you can get for cheaper.

DTS 440 Anodized AMD & "Flip Chip" shim

DVD Drive:
LiteOn LTD-163

I know this from reviews, personal experience, and cdr identifier.

PlexWriter 24/10/40A (don't get it yet though.) firmware still not good enough
or a great burner for the money is the:
AOpen CRW1632

ThermalRight SK6? (may be old info)

EtherLink 10/100 3CR990-TX-97?
I really don't think it matters a whole lot.

AMD single cpu Motherboard...:
we'll see once those Nforce benchmarks are release won't we. I'm betting on the Nforce chipset, but I heard its memory performance is better with a graphics card in the AGP.

cheap case with psu?:
may be good, may be bad, I'd gamble on it,

there's the ultimate component list.