Starcraft II fps much lower than expected?

Recently bought a laptop with reasonably good specs, for uni but also for playing starcraft 2 on at least medium settings. Its specs are:
Asus N53S
core i5-2410m 2.3ghz (2.9 with turbo)
geforce gt 540M
4gb ram
windows 7 home premium
screen resolution 1366x768

According to this website (, my gpu could theoretically run medium at 53fps and low at 177fps. However, when running the demo I only get 23 for medium and 40 for low. This is even after using gamefire to speed up the system and get rid of other processes, and all drivers are updated. Is another part of the system causing this, or is there some other problem I am unaware of..?

Thanks in advance, Tom
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  1. a gt540m is not a very good gpu. There is nothing wrong with your system, turning off processes wont speed up the GPU. Just turn the details down until you get acceptable performance.
  2. agreed, the 540 is the bottleneck here. also you have to account for the updates that have done to sc2 which vamps up the graphics. so what the site is quoting maybe outdated. also when you say 23 or 40, are you referring to minimum fps or average?
  3. Hmm alright thanks for the responses. I still find it odd that I'm getting less than 50% of the fps that was suggested.. My frame rate values are average and at the start of a game (so few units on screen).
  4. Problem solved!!! In the end, it was a problem with nvidia optimus not properly switching to the discrete gpu. It was not updated to the newest version, but was telling me it was.. I updated it manually, and it works perfectly :D. 60fps on ultra graphics!

    Thanks for the input guys!
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