Opinions on Fingertip mouse choices?

Hi, I'm looking around for the best fingertip mouse I can get my... fingers on. Anyway, I'm looking to spend money. I don't have a budget of any sort and I'm curious what kind of opinions people have or if there's anything crazy coming up in the near future that people know of. I've been looking to try out something different, I've always stuck with logitech and the only problem I ever get is the notorious unintentional double click after wear of the mouse; Not that it's particularly driving me away but I'm up for something new. Right now I have a G9x and for the most part I like it, not much else to say.

I've been checking out the Razor Imperator, Steelseries Xai, R.A.T. 7, and maybe just ending up getting another G9x.

I wish the imperator was smaller height wise, it would be an instant buy for me and I'm very curious what is up with the new sensor they have put together this time around, but unfortunately it puts it back in line with the list of regular choices.

I've never owned any steelseries product except a mousepad which I like very much and plan to continuously buy when needed until some kind of weird new tech could come up for mousepads. The only thing I'm afraid of with the Xai is due to a fingertip grip, I will be needing the right side for leftwards movement. I can't be pressing buttons and I'm wondering what kind of space is there to work with once I'd actually have my hand around the mouse.

The R.A.T. 7 seems to be an oddball like the G9 started out to be when it was first created. Everyone noted how weird the mouse was or how it felt wrong. Then people started getting used to it and it went crazy with sales once more positive reviews came out, especially for claw/fingertip grips like myself.

I was also looking at the death adder but the "hump" that it shows seems deadly for fingertip use. If it wasn't for that, that would be another possible instant-buy.

Anyone have suggestions/other opinions?
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  1. .... i use logitech trackman lol

    << noob

    I actually really enjoy using the trackman. It had a learning curve of a few days, and needed some calibration with the settings. But it's actually a pretty good gaming mouse, in addition to a desktop work/business mouse. You can shoot from one end of a 24" screen to the other (1920x1080 native) with the flip of your thumb. Regular style laser mouse might require you to lift up the mouse, drag it over a couple inches, and set it back down to complete the motion. Another benefit is that you don't really hold the mouse since you're not moving it around. You rest your hand on it, thus relieving stress in your arm and wrist. The only downside I had was one of the rubber foot pads on the underside came unglued and was lost. The mouse was unbalanced so I had to remove another pad. Now, the mouse may slide around on the desk surface if I give too much push laterally. That was after 2 years of daily use.

    This would be my next mouse purchase probably:

    Logitech M570

    Another plus is watching friends and family fumble around on your computer when they try to use it lol
  2. Thanks for the feedback, I didn't know they actually made decent quality trackball mice anymore. I am however looking for a standard mouse, I can't see myself being accurate or consistent with a trackball. One thumb for movement versus 5 fingers is a pretty big difference.
  3. As for precision movement using the thumb versus moving the mouse itself, I'm sure it's debatable. But the trackball definitely has a learning curve... 2 days to get used to it. A couple weeks to get flawless with it, especially when gaming. I did notice that I could turn down the mouse sensitivity settings and still have fast character movement compared to cranking up the settings with a standard type mouse. That has huge benefits when someone is firing at you from a flank or from behind. A quick twitch of the thumb and you're character can do a 180 rotation or better.
  4. I wish they had an abyssus with buttons. That mouse seems dead on with a fingertip grip style. I definitely need at least two side buttons though :\. And I'm not too concerned with large movement such as rotations etc, I'm more worried about precision. Hence why I use a fingertip grip. My sens is high enough that I can whip around as needed with ease very quickly.
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