Dual Monitor gaming?

Hey All,

Planning on building a new rig with a single Radeon HD 9870 (I haven't settled on the monitors yet). I'd like to run a dual monitor setup, but have never tried before so I'm full of questions and looking for input.

Do most games support dual monitors? Is the resolution fugly? What are the drawbacks? Any tips or thoughts for a dual monitor n00b?

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  1. I have dual monitors, but they are not great for gaming. You can use a program called SOFTTH:
    This will allow you to play with dual monitors on any direct x 9 game. Pretty much the only thing I use it for (and this is totally awesome) is split screen. It great having each player get their own screen for portal 2. But, if you want to play single player, the crosshairs are right in the middle of the screen. For single player gaming, 3 monitors are awesome because you dont have a split in the middle of the screen.

    hope that helps
  2. "HD 9870".....did you mean an HD 5870??

    EDIT: That was meant for the OP. :)
  3. My bad, 6970
  4. Duel monitors is not great for gaming unless u have Supreme Commander which utilizes duel monitors.
    Also, some games may crash with duel monitors (Oblivion).
  5. dual monitor setups are best suited to driving/flying sims, where the 2nd monitor can act as a gauge display, or similar. Or you can have your system monitor software on the adjacent screen to your gaming screen. triple monitor would be better for FPS and RPG games
  6. In the graphics control center eyefinity is a way to merge two monitors like it was one. For NVIDIA users use NVIDIA surround.
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