ViVo Viewer!!!

I bought this graphic card which has a Video Input. so i quickly connected my cable box to it, and now i need a program to view TV through it.
i tried this programs:
WinTV, WinDVR 3.0, BuyBeyond, PowerVCR,
but they were all too big, bulky, or didnt work well.

i just need a SIMPLE VIEWER, not a VCR or a recorder.. just a simple window through which i will see the Video Input.

any suggestions?
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  1. This is what I have used. It is very simple and a good program.
  2. The URL of the TV Viewer program has been updated to:
  3. please help

    I'm trying to upload videos to youtube
    i get half way thru or full way thru and the videos are not accepted
    please can you help do you have an upload - or better yet a full data
    transfer manager?
    I'm trying to find the drivers for my TV tuner cards and VGA cards
    with TV encoders please help
    several of the drivers refuse to transfer can you help me please they
    didn't work terribly well to begin with - there was no subtitle
    support for the analogue teletext page 888 service & the digital one
    is pretty poorly supported they are also incompatible with graphics
    cards with TV encoders made by the same manufacturer!
    video and voice with TV tuner and TV encoder on VGA cards
    please help
    can i connect direct using a freephone 0800 UK dial up internet
    connection please
    i have an itu t v44+IPR=921600 modem and i cant connect at 921600 - is
    this so that people pay more money for a broadband connection - my
    mobile broadband service from vodaphone and three is utterly dreadful
    it disconnects in the middle of doing things and none of the browsers
    bother to display the connection speed as a percentage of the speed
    you are actually paying for i get less than 10% but when i complain
    the computer crashes and has been regularly hacked to pieces - try
    complaining to microsoft that the VGA generic drivers do not install
    the TV encoder driver
    nvidia drivers for msi VGA cards with TV encoders allow you to select
    a twin video output monitor that wont allow you to get back to the
    desktop and insists that you cant see the desktop so you have to
    recover your xp installation which crashes when it attempts it as
    nothing actually bothers to explain what it is doing and how long it
    is going to take

    I'm sending you the standard response email as no one bothers to read
    my emails and when they don't bother they always send a standard

    hi i have a maplin Agere v92 itu t v44 modem
    i have disabled the onboard serial interface on the motherboard as it
    is only 115200bps in order to install a pci hi speed 921600bps serial
    i cant get the modem to function at this speed in fact there are no UK
    ISP that support the modem in fact they are quite happily reducing the
    connection speed of 56k modems to 20-40kbps when older external v34bis
    itu t v 42mnp5 modems happily connect at 115200bps every time and have
    transferred a driver file from msi in taiwan at 14KB per second this
    was a compressed file please explain

    4 port serial from sunix needs five free pci slots to work with 4x v92
    pci modems unless you use 127 x usb modems

    agere v92 modem
    Microsoft update offers an lsi driver for this which has the same
    comport bug set to 115200 and utterly unalterable despite the
    motherboards onboard serial ports being disabled and the pci hi speed
    serial interface installed before the modem

    maplin cant even be bothered to put the baud rate of a £20 serial
    interface on the description of the product nor that despite the fact
    that the modem manual claims to support the modem initialisation
    string +IPR=921600 in fact the default comport setting is only
    115200bps almost 8 times slower
    with four such modems and decent ISP connection software like the
    onspeed subscription:

    10x-15x faster speed increases on your dial up connection
    Keep your existing ISP and phone line
    Only £24.99 a YEAR - no ties, no contract
    14 day money back guarantee
    Endorsed by BT, Orange & Pipex
    5* reviews in over 20 publications

    oh really how the hell can that be when the modem isn't even bothering
    to use its own hardware compression this is a con i have to pay an
    annual subscription in order to use the hardware i already own this is
    in breach of the advertising and trading standards and utterly
    illegal every isp has to use this technology already or they are in
    breach of the trading standards code and not only this but also offer
    full internet security implemented on the isps' server and not on the
    users machine for which you are charged for r transferring the virus
    database and any other updates to the software which never detects
    that you are trying to install hardware drivers and so crashes or
    again crashes or shuts down your system when you try to install a
    different companies anti virus protection racket software similar to
    the mafia no?

    could we not one day dream of a service which can actually upload and
    download and allow someone to surf by reducing the up and down load
    briefly to allow the surfing webrowser a decent internet access speed
    - while not only keeping track of the total amount of data transferred
    but also where the data came from and what it was for there isn't much
    point in transferring 450mb of Microsoft updates if not one of them
    realises you are running a 32bit operating system on a 64 bit
    processor - possibly two of them if it is a dual core
    which means that two 2.8ghz processors with 6gb of ram cant handle
    100kb download or 20-30kb upload from vodaphone mobile broadband
    service without preventing you from continuing to surf the internet or
    managing to repeatedly drop the connection so that in the middle of a
    100mb file the connection is lost and i have to pay vodaphone for the
    data as i have exceed the monthly limit but the data is utterly
    useless as the entire file was not transferred
    the internet is utter rubbish £42 per minute to send an sms text
    message from companies who cant even be bothered to provide decent
    reasonably priced hands free kits for their customers or usb cables
    that allow internet connection thru the fones and use the cameras as

    here's a list of the drivers for TV tuners that are incompatible with
    the VGA cards that support TV encoders from msi:

    this driver wont even transfer

    possibly the worst driver and oldest chipset support selection again
    no analog subtitles
    despite superfast teletext page selection so fast it could be used to
    boost internet downloads easily

    no 64 bit support for vista win7 or xp

    these VGA all have TV encoders onboard but the software to use the
    encoder requires an analog only TV tuner also and a 1.8ghz processor
    despite the VGA box claiming support for 600mhz processors
    the TV encoding software wont allow you to encode while viewing the
    screen you are encoding full screen - you cannot use the TV encoder to
    video your desktop - you need to feed the TV output back into the VGA
    cards video input - connecting the s-video output to the s-video input
    or the composite output to the composite input - this causes xp to blu
    screen and dump ram to the harddisc

    this power colour VGA also has TV encoder slightly better software but
    again no support for digital/analog tuner or fullscreen viewing of the
    video recording window in fact the cyberlink power director software
    bundled with it is not only not vista compatible but also not 64 bit
    for any xp vista or win7
    this msi analog/digital TV tuner
    1 has no analog teletext subtitle support thru the philips teletext
    software app
    2 it has no digital subtitles or digital text features
    3 like all analog tuners that claim to support cable with the virgin
    cable TV service - the set top box for which outputs a picture to a
    CRT TV that is too big and can only be seen by feeding the TV output
    into this digital tuner - as none of the VGA TV encoder software
    allows full screen viewing despite boasting hi definition support in
    the manual there is no component input cable provided with analog or
    digital TV tuners or TV encoders on VGA cards
    4 it is impossible to get skype, msn live! yahoo messenger icq and
    gmail chat to recognise the six video input sources available when you
    use the msi tuner with n msi VGA card that has a TV encoder - this
    gives you two s-video inputs tow composite and the TV tuners analog
    and digital inputs
    instead you have to start the TV tuner app select the video input
    source close the TV tuner app and then open the chat service and
    sometimes if you are lucky it will stream the video
    although getting the chat software tools to detect usb digital cameras
    is also a problem some of them require both people to have cameras
    rather than accept that one person with a camera should be able to
    stream video to anyone whether or not they have a camera

    none of these hardware manufacturers are bothering to offer secure
    driver transfer
    none of these hardware manufacturers when you try to use the automatic
    update service from microsoft offer any explanation as to why the
    driver is not 64bit or what the microsft service is connecting to or
    how many months years it will take for a 64 bit driver to appear or
    when there will be cable TV support that works or why i cant select
    the cable TV channels or why the digital channels using the remote are
    unusable or why the internet service which also comes thru the cable
    TV services cable requires a set top box and a router box both with
    power adaptors and an internet service which virgin claims is 10mbps
    which is in fact 2mbps

    and therefore were we able to get the v92 modem functioning at
    921600bps using the hi speed serial interface a matter of two v92
    modems and not the 30 modems which bt claim their broadband service is
    equivalent to rather than the two itu t v42mnp5 modems it actually was
    when it functioned at 30KB per second for over 6 months for which i
    still have not received a refund

    in fact the msi VGA cards with TV encoders have drivers that are 64
    bit while the capture driver is not 64 bit - so you lose the
    functionality of the TV encoder chip described in eh manual as
    1024x768 mpeg2 capable though in fact the chip cant encode to mpeg 2
    without the addition of not only a 1.8ghz processor but also a pci TV
    tuner but not an msi digital TV tuner as the drivers for these two
    devices are utterly incompatible as are the ones for the fx5900zt vtd
    8x from msi also
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