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Fifa 12 Gamestop preorder bonus problem...

Hi guys, i preordered Fifa 12 for ps3 at gamestop... we are supposed to get 4 gold packs a month per 6 months (24 gold packs total) but i redeemed my code and cant find the free packs... I redeemed the code again but is not working anymore... so i guess the first time i did was ok... Is it me or the packs will be next month...??? anyone can help me???
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  1. You probably want to go over to the EA Forums with this question. There is bound to be someone who can answer it there.
  2. anyone?
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    Gave the best answer i could, EA forums is your best bet. They often have problems with their pre-order codes.

    I know when i got NHL 11 you got an online code and some people had a problem, they would put it in and get an error.
    Then if you tried to re-enter it you get a message that it was used.
    So you had to shut down the Xbox, load the game, then go to enable your online pass which would allow you to re-download the item.
  4. the problems is that the pre-order bonus begins October 1st (read in Youtube).... so thx anyway, ill check FIFA 12 forums anyway...
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  6. alright, so gamestop didn't give me any code for preordering. do you think if I went in again and asked for it they would?
  7. hey mate with yours did it say that the code was invalid, this is happening with mine as well
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