On windows 7 i transferred MS office 2007 from my old comp and now it says the s

on windows 7 i transferred MS office 2007 from my old comp and now it says the system is not currently configured for this program what should i do?
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  1. You can't transfer MS Office (or any other program) from one computer to another. You can save and transfer the documents, but the programs need to be reinstalled from the original installation media.
  2. What do you mean by "transferred"?
  3. You can't transfer the software. You can uninstall it from one computer and install on another or you can create a image of it and transfer the image over to the new system.

    The error you have is because you tried to copy and paste.
  4. actually i used a easy transfer cable to get the ms office 2007 from a xp system to a windows 7 system because i will no longer be needing the old computer i dont have the original software do i need to go out and buy a nre copy????
  5. Why don't you have the original software?
  6. Transfering programs from one computer to another using programs like easy transfer can create problems. I've done it twice (Wife's system)- once from XP -> vista then from the Vista machine to a new win 7 computer. Basilly from the old win XP -> new Win 7 computer With the Vista computer an intern stop over.

    I did this for a very similar reason, lost installation disk, or programs that I would have had to load an old orignial program and then several upgade to it.

    The only problem I had is that several programs (uSoft word one of them) had to be re activated.

    Question did you go from an Win XP 32 bit to a Win 7 64 bit operating system, if so I think that is your problem. Even so Do you still have the Key for your usoft Office product - It will require that as it Knows it is on a different Computer and require re-activation.
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