Virtua Tennis 4 not running

I'm trying to run Virtua Tennis 4 on my PC. But it gives me an error: "No supported audio device found". Please help me out.

My specs:
Asus Xonar DX with the latest drivers provided on Asus website.
Win 7 x64
C2D E8400
MSI 6770

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  1. Does any other game show the same problem or does Virtua tennis 4 only show it ?
  2. I'm seeing this error for the first time ever, and only with this game. But if you google on this topic. For eg say 'virtua tennis 4 no supported audio device found'. You'll find that I'm not the only one getting this error.
  3. Disable your sound card.
    Then see if the problem still persists. :)
  4. Tried disabling the sound card and then running the application. Still no success.
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