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Hi guys, I'm currently in the market for a controller to be used for my racing games, because playing realistic racing games on the keyboard is just not working at all. I'm looking at the first party Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controller for Windows and the Razer Onza right now, since they're almost at the same price, it's really hard for me to decide. I really like the long trigger button and the adjustable analog joystick, but many on the internet has been saying that the Razer Onza breaks down after only a few months of usage, and that's really a deal breaker for me...

Do you guys have a Microsoft Xbox Controller and what do you have to say for it?

Any of you Razer Onza owners out there that has to comment about its reliability?

Thanks for the reply in advance, guys!
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  1. Get the 360. Every pc game is made for one, and some only support them. They are durable, reliable, and comfortable. aka awesome ;)
  2. oops! just looked up the Razer Onza and its basically a 360 with more skill. idk. looks cool
  3. On my fourth razor. They are garbage. Left trigger usually goes after 6-8 weeks or either stick wont recentre after 2-3 months.

    Onza warranty policy is return to them after 30 days. Nothing happens after 30 days so they are sweet.

    I am looking to see how to get my money back for all of the junked controllers i have from them.

    I play maybe 10 hours a week, mostly blops2 and mw3.

    Just. Pure. Garbage.
  4. I had two Razer Onzas and they both broke within a week. The analog sticks while great break very easily. I have also have owned two 360 controllers and while they break easily as well, the Onzas break faster.
  5. I'd say the main benefit of the 360 controller for windows is that almost all modern games already have the buttons mapped exactly like the console counterpart. This includes the on-screen prompts/indicators.

    It is really awesome to hook up you PC to you HDTV and have it be exactly the same as Xbox except you're playing in full 1080p with far superior graphics.
  6. The razer onza is the best controller I have ever used...when it works. The pc recognizes it as a 360 controller so no issues there. The controller randomly disconnects and you have to unplug and replug back in the controller while gaming as well as the left trigger goes out here and there. There support will take care of you though but I am on my second one and same issues are arrises after a few months :/ still though for aiming it is awesome, you can tighten the aim stick a lot to give you the precision for slow shots and then set the sensitivity in game for when you need to turn fast. Brilliant design!
  7. I was interested in the Onza controllers, but, as people already stated, they seem to be very unreliable and break rather frequently.

    That isn't to say they will definitely break on you, but it doesn't seem to be a rare occurrence. I just stick with the official controller. The new, silver ones have a much improved d-pad.
  8. Use a wired Xbox360 controller. It's not as nice (in my opinion) as the original dual analog controller for PS1 (pre-rumble), nor is it as nice for some games as the Dualshock2, BUT it's not a bad controller and it's made a hell of a lot better than anything Razer produces.
  9. The main distinction here is that while the Razer may be a superior controller at a glance. The 360 one is reliable, compatible with all modern games, and literally identical to actually playing an xbox game.
  10. Don't buy the Razer very very unreliable controller
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