A7V266 no sse supourt?

I am looking at gettting a new DDR MB and I was going to buy a asus A7V266 but thier web site says that it does not suport SSE what's up with that? and suggestions on a differnt MB prefferable on that will suport the Palomino and has good over clocking features or should i stick with the a7v266

Q : Why does WCPUID utility show "SSE doesn't support" on A7V266?

A : AMD K7 CPU can support x86 instruction set, x87 FPU instruction set, MMX, and 3D NOW!, but not SSE.


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  1. I think the Palomino support will be possible with a Bios update, not a MB firmware.
    So you don't have to worry about the MB since new Bios will be avaiable as soon as the Palomino hits the streets.

    This SSE stuff is very strange. The same thing I heard when somebody said that old Pentium MBs couldn't support MMX when the first P-MMX was released, and it was not true.
  2. It has nothing to do with the Palomino processor. SSE is some instruction sets included in the Pentium 3 and SSE2 in Pentium 4. Since the A7V266 board is for the Athlon it does not need to support SSE since the SSE instructions are only found within a Intel Processor. As for the Palomino the A7V266 fully supports this processor (or so it says on the box). I got one myself and it runs perfectly fast, stabil and all around nice. Remember if you are thinking of running W2K to get a new ACPI compliant network adapter with the new mobo, especially if you own SB Live!.
    Good luck with your new system and I deffinetly think you should stick to the A7V266 motherboard.

    Let me hear how it works out.

    My name is Jond, Bames Jond.

    My ACPI incompatible network adapter killed my SB Live!<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Bames_Jond on 09/13/01 07:39 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  3. It´ll probably support SSE & SSE2 as soon as you put a palomino in. These instructions are in the CPU, not the chipset.

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  4. for your information, Palomino SUPPORTS SSE.


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  5. Ok thanks for telling me! :-) I did not know that. I just don't see why a AMD processor needs to support intel instruction sets, they got the 3DNow! instructions sets which are revised/updated every time they release a new processor. Atleast that is what I have been told. By the way does the Palomino processor have both SSE and SSE2 instructions sets or just SSE?

    My name is Jond, Bames Jond.

    My ACPI incompatible network adapter killed my SB Live!
  6. the Palomino only has SSE support, but the next generation of AMD cpu's (sledgehammer, etc.) is supposed to have SSE2.

    and SSE will help older programs that were never optimized properly for 3dnow! to run better on AMD processors.


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  7. how did your acpi incompatible nic kill your SB live?
    I am currently running a SB live with a realtek chipset nic card and plan to use the same with the a7v266 should i get a new nic card? which one do you recomend?

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  8. It did not exactly "kill" my SB Live! card but I thought it sounded good! :-)
    I had some strange sounds like on old LP albums that has been scrathed. I also experienced about 1 second of the last heard peice of music when i cliked on a link in internet explorer?!?!?! Sometimes when I started Winamp the music would sound strange with a high tones beeep in the beginning and some pops and cracles in the songs.
    All this went away when i changed my network adapter so I guess that was where the error was. I tried replacing the new card with the old one and again my sound card acted strange.
    All you have to do is make sure the card you have is ACPI compatible. This will most likely be written in the manual somewhere. If the manual does not mention anything about ACPI you should count on the card being incompatible with ACPI. You can buy a new card for next to nothing. Most network adapters sold today is compatible, but not all. Many 3Com cards i've seen is not compatible with ACPI. When you find the shop where you want to buy a new card just ask the salesman about ACPI compliance or ask to see the manual. The ACPI compliance is most likely displayed under the cards specs on the back of the box too.

    I can't remember if i wrote this before but I own the Asus A7V266 and my old NIC was a Realtek card too. I can't remember what my new one is. I'll check it if you want me too.

    My name is Jond, Bames Jond.

    My ACPI incompatible network adapter killed my SB Live!
  9. thanks for the info bond. Where did you buy your a7v266? I have only found a few places that have them.

    “Build your own you will love it more”
  10. Hi bames,
    what score did you get at 3dmark 2001? And which memory do you use?
  11. I am from Denmark and i bought my motherboard in a shop called "Multimedia butikken" (butik is shop in english). :-)

    I think you should be able to find one somewhere but the card is still fairly new here in Denmark, hence not many reatilers have them. I think 3 or 4 around the entire country. You might also want to wait for the new revised A7V266 with via KT266A chipset. I don't know whether its better but im just perfectly satisfied with my A7V266 board.

    Good luck on finding one!!! You can write me to tell me about your experiences with the A7V266 if you ever get one! I think it is nice to know what people think of a product I have recommended them. :-)

    My name is Jond, Bames Jond.

    My ACPI incompatible network adapter killed my SB Live!
  12. Don't know about the 3DMark and I frankly do not care. All that concerns me is that my computer runs fast, stabil and fluidly. All these things is the A7V266 fully able to deliver. A note is that I was also fully satisfied by my A7V133 board and I read the revievs of both these too cards here on THP. I use some memory called Veritech in 2 blocks of 256 MB PC2100 DDR-RAM. I have never experienced choppy gaming on the board and im not scared of setting the resolutions high! :-)
    I run Diablo 2 in 800*600 Direct 3D hardware with T&L. No chopping what so ever. I run Serious Sam in 1280*1024 in 32 Bit color, no chopping there either. I run Midtown Madness to in 1280*1024 16 Bit color, no chopping. Last but not least im running StarCraft on B.net. No chopping!!!! :-) (Okay the SC thing is a bit lame I know it, but it is still the best game ever). My current config is as follows:

    Athlon 1200 Mhz 266.
    Asus A7V266
    Veritech PC2100 DRR RAM 2*256 MB
    2*40 GB IBM GXP60 7200 RPM HD's
    Pioneer 10 speed region free DVD-ROM :-)
    Plextor 8/4/32 Atapi burner
    Asus Geforce 2 GTS 32 MB DDR-RAM V7700 Deluxe
    Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 Platinum
    Realmagic Hollywood+ MPEG card
    ACPI compliant network adapter (noname)
    Cooler Master standard CPU cooler.
    Aopen HX08 hightower ATX 2.03 verified high tower.
    No extra coolers in tower.
    Windows 2000 OS, ACPI enabled.

    CPU temp: 60 degrees running Diablo 2.
    Tower temp: 30 degrees running Diablo 2.

    I watch DVD's, hear music, view TV via TV-in and VCR, play most recent games (i think) and do schoolwork on this machine. I have no troubles what so ever. I can highly recommend a config like this. :-)

    My name is Jond, Bames Jond.

    My ACPI incompatible network adapter killed my SB Live!
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