How well will this Computer run BF3 and Other stuff

Hello I just got a New computer and I am looking to upgrade it (Wasnt Customazible)
Intel Core I7-2600 Processer at 3.4Ghz
1TB hard drive
1GB AMD Raedon HD 6450 graphics
And the power watt was 800.
Now I am looking to upgrade the Graphics card To AMD Raedon HD 6970
I want to know if my power watt can support it or My Computer wont get Effected by this.
Also with and without the AMD Raedon HD 6970 and my Current one can you tell me if I put this on High what Framerate will I get? I am running on 1920x1080 So I hope that helps.

PS if any of you are looking for a good Cheap PC Get this one I got it off And it was only 999.99!Plus it had its own Moniter and Had excellent Programs Like Microsoft Office, Powerpoint, Excel, Onenote. All 2010 versions (:
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  1. I hate to say it, but you could have built that system so very much cheaper :(

    The psu should be fine to run that Graphics card, I'd be wary of putting 2 of them in without knowing the psu brand, and as for frame rate, at high settings, you should be getting roughly 50-60fps
  2. Well this was a Birthday Gift and I wasnt up for Building my PC this time so My parents wanted to do something special for me(I guadurated collage just a couple months ago) So This is a good Birthday present. But other from that thanks for the info for the PSU glad I will be able to run this on high with 50-60 FPS (:
  3. In that case, that's a hell of a birthday present :)

    All I got my my parents was the advice, "If you want a computer, get a job" lol
  4. dont get a 6970. i had a msi twin frozr and had nothing but problems. a 570 is just as good or better and runs about the same price wise
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