Compter Freeze/Soundloop on 2 certain games.

So, I recently built a new PC and I'm running into a issue on 2 certain games. The two games are Red Orchestra 2 and Bad Company 2, whenever playing those games after about 30-60 min of gameplay my computer randomly freezes up and the sound of the game freezes continuing to loop. At first from reading online I thought my graphics cards (2x 6970 in CF) were overheating, but noticing my temperatures before my computer crashes I notice I'm only at about 55C on Red Orchestra 2. While playing games like Rift which I've played for several hours straight with no computer freeze at about 69C. It does the same thing on BC2 as well. I tried updating my Realtek HD Audio drivers because I heard that was a issue for BC2 but that didn't work. I don't know if I completely uninstalled my drivers for them before re-installing so I'm going to go ahead and try to reinstall but, does anyone know what the problem could be. My specs are:
Intel i7 980
12GB Hyper-X DDR3-1600mhz RAM
Windows 7 64-Bit Ultimate Edition
Western Digital 7200RPM 1TB HD
ATI XFX 6970x2 CF
Gigabyte.G1 Guerilla gaming motherboard.
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  1. how bout your cpu temps?
  2. I actually haven't checked them yet but I wasn't very worried about them again playing many other games that I would expect have more CPU usage plus I have liquid cooling on my CPU.
  3. the problem seems to be realtek related .. onboard sound is what u got aint it? try different configurations (44k or 22k or whatever)
    + update/downgrading the drivers and tell us.. hope i helped
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