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Hello. I will be ordering a new gaming laptop soon. I have 3,500 euro to spare and I have looked into laptops from Alienware, Dell, Savrow. Top of my list is the Alienware but I am still waiting for them to release 64bit cpus and the Geforce 6800 Ultra for European customers. The Dell XPS Gen 2, although more expensive, is interesting but I am unfamiliar with the cpu and dont know how well it performs compared to the P4's. Savrow is a bit too expensive but they are the only company that seems to be selling laptops with 64bit Cpus and Ultra gpus within UK. What I am really asking is does anybody know any other companies that have Europe wide pick up service for laptops and can somebody give me advice on the XPS Gen 2 cpu and whether the Pentium M might be a bottleneck. Thanks
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  1. The XPS Gen 2 will own every other laptop out there for gaming.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I am just uncertain about the Pentium M processor since I have heard that generally the P4's are somewhat better, especially when it comes to encoding. I am also not sure whether or not I should wait a bit for Alienware to release the 64bit Cpus. Any more advice would be appreciated.
  3. Yes for encoding the P4 would do better, however the Pentium M is going to run much cooler. For gaming though I think the PM should be capable of keeping up with anything you're going to run, especially with the card the Gen2 is packing.
  4. yes. Well I do a lot of encoding and I am quite satisfied with my 3.0GHZ HT 800mhz FSB with Radeon 9800Pro desktop now, do you think the Pentium M 770 with Go6800 Ultra will be any worse than my current 3GHZ when it comes to encoding?
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  5. I would expect it to be a little bit worse for encoding, but I don't think it would be very drastic at all. I mean if you're already doing a few hours worth, what's another 20 minutes?
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