Windows update directx 9 0c

hw 2 update directx 9.0c
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  1. 9c is for XP.

    Win7 uses 11.
  2. Some apps still need DX9 installed. And you CAN install it. Just go to this Microsoft site.
  3. Actually, Windows 7 natively uses DirectX 10. 11 can be installed if you are trying to play a game that uses it, but 11 does not ship with Windows 7.
  4. of build 7127, Windows 7 has had DX11 in the box. This was verified back in May. You can check for yourself by runnign the command dxdiag from a command prompt. Please don't confuse the version of DX your graphics card uses with what is installed in the OS.

    If you are runnign Vista, there will be a downloadable update available in a couple weeks.
  5. I wasn't confusing my graphics card version with the 7 shipping version. I simply wasn't aware of the change.
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