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Hey guys, I know W8 is still only a couple days past release, but I wanted to see if I could get some help anyway.

So my laptop has a GT650m, and I've installed the latest drivers from NVIDIA, the 306.97 set. Apparently it's made for W8 and all the tech sites I've been reading have said they're pretty solid. Weird thing is, I used to be able to max out Borderlands 1 at 1080p and get 40+ fps solid in W7, but after upgrading and installing the new drivers I can't even get 30fps at the same res with everything at its lowest setting.

If I'm doing something wrong or if there's something I missed, I'd be thankful if you guys could let me know.
Or you can tell me to wait it out patiently since W8 is still really new, and all the kinks should be ironed out in a week or two.

Either way, I appreciate any replies. Thanks guys.
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    Sorry to say it but thats what happens sometimes for being an early adopter of an OS.

    It will probably be fixed by driver updates eventually.
  2. Found a fix online! Had to reset the PRAM + something called SMC. Apparently it's a Mac thing. Everything's peachy now. Some convoluted thing that only applies to Macs.
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