KG7-Raid, Hot Rod 100 Disk???

I just gotten my KG7-Raid Board in and I noticed that there was a Floppy disk that said Hot Rod 100 on it. I'm not using the Raid Ports on the Board (mainly because I kept getting conflicts with IRQ's that i couldn't resolve even with nothing but a vid-card in there) so my question is.... Should I install this disk? and what is it for because I really can't seem to find any info on this. Thanks to anyone who can give some info on this.

Tbird 1.4GHz 266FSB
VisionTek Geforce 3
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  1. The Hot Rod disk contains the drivers for the Highpoint controller. You only need the drivers if you have a disk attached to the controller, but you otherwise you don't need them.
    Can you tell me in witch PCI slot you have put the SB Live! card? I also have a KG7-RAID and i have a lot of problems with my SB Live! card which has a conflict with the Via 686B Southbridge. Maybe your info can help me, or I can help you with things I've learned about the KG7-RAID.
  2. I've also got a KG7-RAID and am experiencing stability problems. I only have an old SB128-PCI soundcard; could that be the problem? (I mean, SB-cards are known to be unstabile running W2k, but this worked just fine on my old system.)
  3. Thats strange, why in the world would they give me a disk with drivers on it for hardware thats not even a part of the main bard (they should have also gave drivers for an asus MB of which I also do not have).... very odd ;) Anyway...

    I have my layout like this:

    PCI#1>Empty(Shares with AGP)
    PCI#2>SB Live
    PCI#4>Ethernet Card 1 (This Socket Shares IRQ With USB)
    PCI#5>Ethernet Card 2 (This Socket Shares with Raid IRQ)

    My SB Live seems to be pretty Stable, the only thing I could suggest is try reseting the ESCD (set it to enable and reboot) in the BIOS, because this could help to clear up the conflict after you rearange your cards. And also note that if you have any PCI cards that can share IRQ's use them in the Sockets that share them so that you have free IRQ's for your other devices and if your not using your Ports (serial 1,2, and Parallel) then disable them so you have free resources to play with... Hope some of that helps.

    Tbird 1.4GHz 266FSB
    VisionTek Geforce 3
  4. it is most likely the motherboard because I've setup countless systems in Win9x/ME/ME and now even in XP and have never had any stability issues. The only problem I really had with this board so far was that it doesn't seem to want to let go of one of my ethernet cards which i believe can share IRQ's so it's not a big deal for me to have this shared but a Soundcard most definetly is a very sensitive piece of equipment so shared IRQ's or NOT it is very possible that the board and the MB don't like eachother but it's highly unlikely and I wouldn't doubt it's Win2k because the SB-PCI (when i say sb-pci i'm talking about the SB-Ensoniq and it's offshoots) cards are generally unstable.

    Tbird 1.4GHz 266FSB
    VisionTek Geforce 3
  5. Quote:
    The Hot Rod disk contains the drivers for the Highpoint controller/

    That is incorrect. The Hot Rod disk is merely for the ATA/100 drivers, probably in case you have a version of Windows that does not have it built in.

    The drivers for your HighPoint 370a are on the CD.

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  6. I checked the IRQ's used, and just about everything is placed on IRQ11. How'bout that! I'll try changing the IRQ of the soundcard. If that doesn't work I probably have to get a new soundcard.

    My wife asked me why I couldn't buy a Dell or something. She might have a point.
  7. I don't know if you're meaning drivers for the standard onboard IDE 100 controller, or the UDMA 100 function of the Highpoint controller but the Readme on the disk says HPT370 UDMA/ATA100 RAID drivers and the files are named like Hpt3xx.inf.
    But maybe you mean that, and am I wrong.
  8. Oh GOD!!! not a name brand Comp.... EEEEEEEOOOOOooooo :)

    I had the same problem with one of my ethernet cards till i pulled it out and seen it was the cause so what i did was try every combo of cards and slots i could think of till i got a fairly ok setup which left one of the ethernet cards to share and IRQ with both of the USB Ports but it's working fine without any problems since my card permits IRQ sharing (apparently, not 100% certain but nothing seems to be wrong while in full use).
  9. I mean ATA/100 drivers for the non-RAID IDE channels.

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  10. Quote:
    I checked the IRQ's used, and just about everything is placed on IRQ11.

    If you're using Win2000, it's normal, a new <b>PCI steering feature</b>(???) with ACPI.

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  11. I don't think you need to use the floppy disk version of the ATA100 (hpt370) drivers. The CD has all the drivers you need. I think the floppy is sold with a 'scuzzi' version of hpt370 and just is included in your KG7Raid box for completeness.

    I have 2 comps with KG7-Raid & Athlon 1400/266. They are both VERY stable setups (under Windows 98 SE) with Sound Blaster X-Gamer, NetGear FA103X ethernet card, and GeForce2 GTS video. I think the trick is to keep trying variations of Slot locations to minimize IRQ sharing. I also seem to remember reading something about slot 5 sharing an important IRQ and it should be avoided.

    I arranged my cards with AGP video, FA10TX in slot 2 and Sound Blaster in slot 4.

    This gave me the following post IRQ assignment:

    14/15 IDE Cntrlr
    3 Serial Bus Cntrlr
    3 Serial Bus Cntrlr
    3 Multimedia Device
    NA Input Device
    10 Network Cntrlr
    11 Mass storage Cntrlr
    5 Display Cntrlr
    4 ACPI Controller

    My CDROM is in IDE1 master
    My CDRW is in IDE2 master
    My hard drive is in IDE 3 master

    In bios I have disabled both serial ports because I have no need for them (IRQ3 is now really unshared)

    I don't know if this will help you, but if nothing else maybe it will give you hope to keep experimenting... I don't think you are gonna need to replace your hardware.

    (on a side note: I run reference drivers for my GeForce2 (Detonator XP) and I do not let my sound card load it's silly nonsense at start up.)
  12. I have replaced my SB Live with a SB 128 PCI to check if my system runs stable with an other soundcard, but it's still gives strange errors and craches very often (every 5 minutes some programe crash).
    I'm now trying to get my system stable by sitching the card in different slots. This are my reaselts so fare:
    PCI1: can't put anything in it because of my GPU cooler.
    PCI3: Windows won't boot if any card is in it
    PCI4: In use by my SB card.
    PCI5: In use by my networkcard (seems to share the IRQ with the RAID controller very well)
    PCI6: Now empty, but here used to be my SB card, but the system was very unstable then.

    My system seems to be a little more stable when I put my networkcard in PCI5, if I put it in PCI3 Windows gives a protection error at booting.

    I've installed the newest Highpoint, Via4in1 and nVidia but nothing seems to get it stable and I can't uninstall my Highpoint drivers, because my 2 harddisks are connected to that one.

    Maybe the tip of Insidious will get my system more stable?

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  13. Have you checked if your BIOS is up to date? I know allot of people are afraid to update there BIOS (and rightfully so given the coast if done wrong) but i'm pretty sure there was something about fixing something with sound card Compatibility.


    Not sure if thats the right one since I'm 1/2 asleep right now :) so double check it before you do it (if your going to do it). Remember to be very carefull about it because if it's done wrong in the smallest command/switch on the command line you could mess everything up. Check the manual, I remember seeing the correct Switches for the BIOS update to work.
  14. I already have the newest version (4J) which I downloaded form

    As far as I can say on this moment my system seems to be stable atlast. Think this is because I disabled both my COM ports in the BIOS (I don't use them) which gives me 2 free IRQ to ensure no cards are sharing IRQ.
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