Cant reinstall star wars the force unleashed 2

i couldnt uninstall star wars the force unleashed 2 in the normal ways so like an idiot i just found where the game had been installed and deleted the game when i try to reinstall it it says " game already installed would you like to run uninstaller" when i say yes obviously nothing happens because ive already deleted it. Ive googled the problem and have tried all the ways suggested on the web which all include delving into the registry.still no joy. Can anyone help because its my nephews favorite game.i only went to reinstall it so i could add a patch .im running windows 7 64 bit. Any ideas would be gratefully accepted.
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  1. 1. Try looking in the add/ remove programs section if not done already.
    2. Try installing the game on another partition of your hard disk, if you have partitions on your HDD
    3. Use the search tool in windows to manually locate files concerned with Star Wars the Force Unleashed II and delete them manually.
    4. Right click on the game disk and then select "explore folder" option. Try running the installer manually. Remember to create a new directory, different from the one in which you previously installed the game.

    Try these, if it doesn't work, we'll try something else.
  2. Also, you can try to remove registry entries with TuneUp or Glary Utilities, those programs will go deeper into the registry and remove any trace of your program.
  3. Try revo uninstaller
  4. I have the same problem, how do you change the install directory?
  5. and, can someone upload the uninstaller? it seems that would be easier.
  6. This is old question, but I have a answer how to solve the issue:
    1)type onto search box "regedit"
    2)Click edit -> Find "Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2"
    3)Delete it
    4)Click Edit again, and press Find Next, and delete all those what has Gray thingy around the name.
    5)You can reinstall the game.
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