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Hi everybody! I'm on my way to buy an Athlon 1.4 with DDR and i would like to tell me your opinion about which mobo you think is the best. A friend of mine told me to buy Asus A7M 266 with the Athlon 761 chipset on. I agree with him but i'm thinking which chipset is the best. The one with the VIA KT266 or the other with the AMD 761 chipset? These mobos support palomino? I would prefer a mobo with RAID on it. Can someone give me some answers?

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  1. Non, get a board with the SiS735 chipset.

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  2. Wait about 2 weeks and the new via kt266a chipset boards will be out. Fastest boards so far; maybe faster than the upcoming nvidia boards.
  3. Hey Aoritis,
    Have you checked out this forum "Motherboards and Chipsets", for the last month? Nothing has really changed/ been released in this time, and there are tons of useful post regarding this very same subject. Your topic is the most frequently asked question. Check out other people's post/questions and repost on how you think your question is different. I am assuming that you want a mobo right now? Why can't you wait for the New Via KT266A chipset mobo's to ship(1 month tops) or SiS 735 chipset mobo's from "Better" mobo manufacuers(anytime soon, SiS 735 already out with ECS's K7S5A mobo-no frills though), or if you are a real dreamer(like me), the Nvidia Nforce chipset mobo's(this is a mystical mobo with a cult following, real release date shrouded is mystery and controversy.........maybe never?)? Also most mobo's perform better with a add-on Raid Controller card, so don't let the lack of on-board Raid stop you from buying a good mobo. Lastly if you are buying a Athlon 1.4 ghz right now, why does the mobo need to support the new AMD Pali's, do you plan to buy a new Pali for a little better performance, after you already have a 1.4 Athlon? Again you would be better off, waitting for a new mobo with a chipset that could support the new PC2700 DDR(333 mhz), and getting a new cpu, mobo and DDR all at the same time. Ask yourself this: how many times have I upgraded my cpu in any one system? How much did help me untill, I wanted a new system? Only you can answer these questions for you. Remember there is no perfect answer, and in the end no one cares what you decide. Do more research on other sites, and ask for less opinions..... or wait until the new stuff comes out. Just my take, on what I view as the same Question, no offense. Good Luck in your search for the TRUTH/ANSWERS.
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