Suggestions about good online games pls! F2P will be alot better!

ive been seeing lots of online games launching out this past 2yrs but any of them doesnt have sex appeal that i might get addicted & inlove with it.. so guys i know u feel for me & majority of you knows exactly what i mean.

so do you guys got a suggestion for me? & for every1 as well whos looking for a good & great online games?
please feel free to suggest any, & dont be so stupid to suggest a joke. lets all get serious about this, so that maybe in time we all might play the same game & pvp at the same time.=D lol

a FREEtoPLAY game would be ALOT nicer. im from philippines. any language will do as long as it was written like the alphabet letters not the japanese, chinese, arab, czech, korean letters.

& please indicate your location also when posting/suggesting a game. as much as possible no private server please because they spoil the game actually (for me). but you could still suggest, just make sure that you will indicate also if thats a private server or the official one.

thanks guys! im hoping for more inputs! & i dont know where to post this that's why i'll just put it here.=D
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  1. Maybe you want to wait till Guild Wars 2 hits the shelves. It will be free to play, just like GW1, you only need to buy the game.
  2. Lord of the Rings online and Need for Speed World are free to play games that I like. Team Fortress 2 is also free now I think.
  3. Left 4 Dead 2 it on Steam and you get all of left 4 dead 1 with it. Cost me $20AU. Best zombie game EVER lol ...and several different online play option and all free.
  4. Your disappointed because you haven't seen any games in the last 2 years that have "sex appeal" and you expect us to take you seriously lol

    Your from the philippines, theres plenty of that on the beaches.

    Try Team Fortress 2, Guild wars, Lord of the Rings online (though I have read this isn't entirely free to play) as others have already suggested. Also check on Steam theres quite a few free to play games on there.
  5. LotRO is F2P, but yes the free accounts do have limits. You can't carry as much inventory, you can't have as much gold, and you have limits on crafting.

    The big complaints mostly come from the quest packs. The main storyline quests are all free, but the side quests outside the main areas are not. These can be purchased from the LotRO store for Turbine Points. You get Turbine Points either from buying them, or by earning them in-game. Most quest packs are pretty cheap ( under $5.00USD ) and if you do a lot of side questing in the free areas, you'll usually earn enough Turbine Points to get future packs free.
  6. The sad part with the so-called F2P games is the fact they aren't really completely free to play at all, unless you settle for the gimped version of the paid subscriptions, paid quest packs, items, areas and so on. Very few are really free, the only one from the top of my head is Guild Wars, where you only need to buy the game, but you have access to everything, without having to pay additional fees.
  7. In most cases though, that is the reason why games are made F2P, to bring in a audience then charge for extras. Evan TF2 does it.
  8. Gothams Finest said:
    In most cases though, that is the reason why games are made F2P, to bring in a audience then charge for extras. Evan TF2 does it.

    Indeed so. Which is why I hate the F2P even more than paid subscriptions sometimes. At least when you pay a monthly fee, you know what you get, but when you get into a F2P game, you're like "wow, this is free, so cool" and then you discover you're really hadicapped, compared to the rest of the player base who gets more goodies just cause they still pay for that game.
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