PC gaming or Console gaming?

I been a console fanboy for about 4 years now and i think its about time i switch i love playing on the xbox but recently some of my friends said i should switch to PC gaming
im currently build a gaming pc right now and i thought if i should even do it to begin with. If i dont do pc gaming i could save a lot of money that i could use to buy stuff for xbox

so what do you guys think, should i stick to console gaming or should i switch to pc gaming and build a pc gaming machine to use

thanks :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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  1. Yeah, I used to play on the xbox, then switched to pc. Its really so much better, especially the graphics. I had trouble adjusting because games are so much sharper.
  2. PC all the way. There's just so much freedom compared to a console
  3. I have a feeling that everybody here is going to tell you to go the pc route.
  4. Yes PC all the way. Not just the graphics or games, but the rewarding feeling you get from playing on a machine you built
  5. I have both (PC and PS3) and my vote goes (a 100 times) to the PC! The entire experience is awesome! You'll still need to ensure that you have a decent enough rig though!

    Go for it!! You won't regret it!
  6. PC to much better then console. It is all the way.
  7. you must switch from xbox to pc then your thinking will be changed
  8. I have both a PC and a PS3. Up until 3 years ago I was strictly a PC person. The graphics on a PC are waaaayyyy better. Being able to reconfigure the keys any way you want is a big bonus too. Games on the PC are generally $20 less than the console version and their prices seem to drop a lot quicker than the console versions too.

    The only thing I like better about my PS3 is my son has a PS3 and his laptop doesn't cut it for games, so I can play with him on my PS3. Also, my PS3 is hooked up to a 46" Sony Bravia tv. Not that you can't hook up a PC to a large TV, but in my case it's not feasable.

    Anyhow, I still buy games for both because I can't live without either of them because I love the PS3 exlusive games and FPS games are better on the PC.
  9. Hawkeye22 said:
    because I love the PS3 exlusive games

    Referring to the epic God of War series, I presume?? ;)
  10. namelessonez said:
    Referring to the epic God of War series, I presume?? ;)

    All of them... God of War series, Uncharted series, Resistance series,..., and soon Ico and Shadow of Colossus remade in HD.

    Edited to include Killzone. How did I foget that?
  11. Hawkeye22 said:
    All of them... God of War series, Uncharted series, Resistance series,..., and soon Ico and Shadow of Colossus remade in HD.

    God of war, uncharted, and killzone is what i bought a ps3 for. Im so excited for uncharted 3
  12. I played consoles until '07(Playstation -> Xbox, friend had N64/Super Nintendo, PS2 etc which were all beast, got a 360 in '09/'10 - bit of a waste of money now I look back on it), switched to PC and now it's definitely my preference. Online is better (e.g. dedicated servers for most FPS games), controls are better (mouse for FPS's >>>> pad, I really have a hard time playing FPS's on friends consoles now because of it and customisable controls are also awesome), cheaper games, constant upgrading (usually not too expensive but it can be once there's leaps in tech), much faster loading times, modding (e.g. MW2 maps on MW, also Star Wars:Galactic Warfare mod for MW = beast), graphics are better and if you can afford it, multiple monitors and 3D.

    Oh and did I mention it's a PC so you can do sooooooooo much more with it, it's not just for gaming/web browsing!
  13. The one and only reason I'd be playing a console, it's the exclusive console titles. But otherwise, go PC. And if you can also afford a console as well, so much the better.
  14. thank you for all the feedback guys
    i thought you guys might say i should go with pc
    the only problem is that i know no one who is my friend who does pc gaming

    the only reason i stuck to xbox for that long is because i have wonderful friends that i know in real life and go to same school
    and some of them are like brothers to me.

    so if i switch to pc gaming its going to be a little lonely
    can you guys give me some advice...

    once this last question is solved ill make my final decision
    thanks :bounce:
  15. Get some new mates :;)
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