Stability for Asus A7V mobo through bios and more?

I built a computer for a friend based on this motherboard and he claims its not stable. It used to be my computer and was perfectly stable so I don't know what his problem is. Just to cover my behind I'd like to put the most stable bios into this motherboard, it only has a 1.1 GHz chip inside and doesn't really need to go higher. I'd also like any information on how to make this board extremely stable. I've got two ATA-100 hard drives one 20 gig one 30 gig, two 256 meg sticks of PC133 ram, geforce 2 pro, sblive value, and netgear 10/100 NIC.
What would you guys recommend for PCI configurations and anything else.
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  1. Its kinda hard to say what is stable and what is not because it pretty much depends on your luck. But I've been using 1007 and 1008 without problems

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  2. Just an advice: don't let your sblive card share an IRQ with your NIC card.

    If possible, you should not let your sblive card share IRQs with other cards.
  3. In windows 98se, or windows XP how can I stop it from sharing IRQs?
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