Audio/Video Not in Synch During games

Hello everyone. I'm at my wits end here, so I'm hoping someone here cna help me solve my problem.

In just about every single game I play, the audio in my game cutscenes is out of sync. The sound lags behind the video. After the cutscene is over, and as I'm playing in-game, everything is fine. But it's almost every game I have is like this. I have updated video card drivers.

Here is what I'm running:

Intel i7 950 quad core
P6TD Deluxe MB
2x HD 5770's in Crossfire Mode

I have tried using audio through onboard sound and a Rocketfish 5.1 sound card. I have just wiped all codecs from my computer. Does anyone know what I should do now?

Thank you for any help in advance

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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'll try those steps now. I'm trying to avoid having to reinstall a fresh copy of Windows at all cost right now. I have about 2TB worth of data on my hard drives and I really don't want t o have to reinstall everything
  2. My power supply is 550W It's made by Antec
  3. Weird. I used Asus' power supply calculator tool, and it told me 550W was sufficient
  4. Ok, well for now ill try reinstalling directX and seeing if crossfire is giving me any issues. I'll let you know what happens
  5. I have V-synch set to on in all of my games, but in CCC it's currently set at Off, unless application specifies. I'm assuming this is OK? I'm on my way out the door to class right now but I'll boot up a game when I get back. Thank you very much for your help so far.
  6. I'm here to resurrect this thread. I still have the same problem. Anyone else have any ideas? I've tried everything in this thread so far to no avail.
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