GA-7DXR, Udma, CD-writer problems

I have recently upgraded my system with a Gigabyte GA-7DXR mobo and a tbird 1400. I'm now having problems with what i suspect is the Via drivers. I'm using win2k ASE Sp2, using the latest drivers for everyting.

My problem is that Via's Ide tools reports that my Western digital WD800bb 80gb drive is running in multiword DMA mode 2 and refuses to let me run in any UDMA modes even though it reports the drive as supporting it.

Furthermore my CD-writer, an Acer 10x8x32 not sure of the excact make, refuses to function as a writer, it works fine as a normal cd-drive, but when trying to write anyting Nero will give me the following error. SCSI/IDE error, Invalid Writestate, Could not perform endstate.

Both the HD and the CD-writer is reported as being a scsi devices by the Device manager even though they are IDE drives, but I'm told this is normal.

Both drives are connected to different IDE slots and I have tried changing the cables around to no effect.

In addition to the above problems Win2k seems to be having problems, its running perfectly stable but almost everytime i reboot the system (i dont reboot that often) Windows reports that my account has been corrupted and i have to either reinstall or set up a new account. Not sure if this is related to the other problems.

Im not really more then an expert on these things and would apreciate some help. Tia

System specs:

Tbird 1400
Gigabyte GA-7DXR
512 MB Apeccer pc 2100
Starforce 822 gforce 3 (changed from an old leadtech gforce256 last week, didnt affect anything)
Noname PCi ethernet card in slot 5
Soundblaster SB128 slot 3
Win2k ASE sp2
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  1. you do not need via drivers for the amd 760 chipset.. that is why you have problems .. ONLY install the drivers that are on the cd-rom! you can get the AMD! drivers that you do need at amd's website. You may want to get the latest AMD! drivers not via!

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  2. eerm, As far as I know the GA-7DXR, is equiped with the a Via southbridge, and as far as I understand it means that the drives are controlled by Via's hardware and therfore needs via's drivers, which btw was included on the cd in the mobo package.

    Please correct me if im wrong though, since im not anything resembling an authority on pc-hardware.
  3. the only via drivers on the cd-rom are via IDE drivers. but it is said that you should install the standard drivers. The chipset drivers you use are the AMD drivers and will autodetect what you need automaticly. You do not NEED via 4-in-1 drivers period and do not install those because your computer will slow down and cause problems. I know this because i installed those drivers before and i had all sorts of problems. I redid windows - installed AMD drivers reinstall the IDE atapi drivers with the standard drivers. So i had not installed any VIA drivers - it works ver ver well with out via drivers.. windows installs the drivers already for the south bridge i do believe.

    OK? you don't need them.. i have the same board thats why i know.. so reinstalled windows.. do not install any via drivers unless you want the via IDE drivers but i recommend to install the standard drivers instead. The only thing the south bridge controls where you need to install latest drivers are the IDE and USB filter. I haven't installed the USB filter driver and USB works great so. the amd chipset controls the major things like memory bandwidth so thats the driver you want to install.

    alright? hope that helps

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  4. Yep, seems you are 100% right, did a reinstall of win2k without Via's drivers on now everything is running smoothly. My cd-writer is funtioning again and the drives seems to be at their max speed, and I havent seen any corruption of 2k yet.

    Thanks you very much. :)
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