GTA latest ?

I hv been quite busy lately and was completely aloof from gaming. GTA was my best games of all no matter how much resources it used to HOG. The last one I played was Episodes from Liberty City.
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  1. That still remains the latest release from Rockstar. There's no news on any upcoming GTA titles, although I'm 100% sure there will be more from the stable.

    In the meanwhile, you might want to try Mafia 2 if you haven't already done so. It's the same gameplay, better story IMO. Another one is L.A.Noire. It's already out on the consloes, will be out on PC in November.
  2. Mafia 2 is my all time favorite game. It is to much better then GTA and you should also check saints row 2, it is also nice game.
  3. Mafia 2 is similar to the GTA series, but it lacks free roaming a little bit.
    As said, GTA's episodes from liberty city is the latest one yet. Rumors are there about a newly releasing GTA V, but it's yet to be confirmed. :)
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