Help with Scan Disk, please!

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I have XP Professional, and I tryied to run a scan disk -- My Computer,
highlighting my local hard disk drive, clicking Properties, Tools, Check Now
to check the drive for errors and restarting the computer. After which, I got
a message that the hard drive was formatted as NTFS and scan disk could not
be done.
Can anyone help me with this please?
Thank you in advance.
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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.perform_maintain (More info?)


    There is no ScanDisk capability for NTFS volumed drives.

    There is, however, an NTFS check disk which you can try.

    Here is the command, switches and info on the switches.

    Good luck!


    ntfschk [/f] [/q] [ drive letter: | * ]

    /s This switch has NTFSCHK display the list of detected
    NTFS drives. Use this switch to determine which drive
    letters correspond to NTFS volumes.

    /f Unless you specify this switch NTFSCHK runs in read-
    only mode, where it detects and reports errors but does
    not correct them. Use this switch to fix drives for which
    NTFSCHK reports corruption.

    /q This switch has NTFSCHK perform a quick check of the
    specified NTFS drive(s), by not setting the NTFS
    drive "dirty" flag on the disk(s). Thus, NTFSCHK will
    only check the drive if it is marked as being in a
    possibly inconsistent state.

    * Has NTFSCHK check all NTFS drives, or you can specify a
    specific drive letter (e.g. D:) to check.
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