Raid 5 questions

I was just reading up about raid 5 under windows XP,

I was wondering can u raid pata and sata drives together ?

Also is it possible once u have say a 4 hd raid to add more hds to that raid 5 under winXP?

regards Nathan
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  1. I've read that you can..

    but someone else had a post that was doing the Tomhardware's RAID 5 WinXp hack thing and he was having trouble with it not working.

    If you do this, check the specs on your motherboard's raid feature.. if it allows you to raid pata and sata, then I'd say it's safe to assume it'll do it with a raid 5.
  2. os dependant raid is different than a hardware raid chip

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  3. ok thanks guys, however what if i was to make the raid 5 and then want to add another hd to it is it possible
  4. I was looking at an MSI motherboard that had some specs on it about RAID. It was noted that the motherboard would run SATA and ATA fine.. but it also mentioned a slowdown in performance if doing a raid across different interfaces :/
  5. One thing i have since learned after my trouble with the winxp hack is that some motherboards operate the SATA ports as though they are part of the PCI bus, instead of routing them through the south bridge chip as normal ATA drives are. this means that if you have other things going on in the realm of PCI, that is like graphic, audio, or whatever, then it will slow down significantly while it is doing anything with the SATA drive. I assume that because it is a RAID setup with normal ATA, the slowness of the SATA would slow down the ATA... that's just a guess though.

    on another note, emailed the guy that wrote that raid 5 tweak article and haven't heard back from him. and still have no luck trying to run the raid 5, though i've heard that raid is probably not good for my setup anyway, since i do a lot of audio, it would only be good for like a mirror setup for backing all my work up at the end of the week or whatever.

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