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ok guys what do you think give me ur faithful opinion on what system should we play games on
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  1. Why, PC, of course :)
  2. pc but why to play games on pc u have to update it regularly so it does not screw up
  3. hjk said:
    pc but why to play games on pc u have to update it regularly so it does not screw up

    because PC has 10x the power of a console system. It looks, plays, and feels better with the rewarding feeling of playing on a machine that I tuned and built
  4. PC gaming looks far more visually appealing and smoother, provides great flexibility in customization, mouse and keyboard is the best way to control, far more competitive and mature, extra content through mods and add-ons, a larger catalogue of games to play, and like Flint said, there is nothing more satisfying than playing a visually/audio intensive feast on a machine you fine tuned yourself. That is my opinion anyway heh!
  5. i've only just recently built a good gaming PC and was previously a console gamer and i'm totally won over. Even if still haven't "matured" to the idea of keyboard and mouse for most games i can use my old 360 wireless controller on my PC, the best of both worlds!
  6. Haha, why even ask on a mainly-PC forum xD

    Seriously though, the PS3 is a decent system, the 360s nowadays are decent as well. PC is and always will be the best, but for the price, you can't beat a good console -- buy just 1 and you're up to date for like five years. Not true of PCs for sure.

    You won't get the latest and greatest when you go console, but you won't break the bank either, and that's nothing to sneeze at.
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