Another MB problem - with all the details

Hello All,
Yesterday I purchased all of the parts to create a computer for a friend. The first thing that I did, was to assemble the entire box. Upon applying the power and turning the machine on, the fans spin, the drives power up, no video signal, no system beeps; No Post.
I have..
Asus A7V KT133A
Duron 850
256MB PC133 Dram
40 Gig IBM ATA/100 Drive
SB live
300Watt PS

I have removed all connections to the drives, including the power. Installed a known working Video Card. Flipped in on and still recieve no beep and no video signal.

I believe that the MB I purchased is bad (which has happened before), but I just wanted to hear some opinions.

Thanks Bobby
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  1. Check all jumpers that being correct positions. I had the problem once when I set <b>JumperFree mode</b>, but forgot to set <font color=red>JEN</font color=red> at 2-3.
    Another possibility is your mobo might be ground to the case. Test it outside to see if it boots.

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  2. thanks for the info..
    I tried it with the MB outside of the case. Still no luck. I am wondering if a MB will post/beep, if no CPU is in the socket.
  3. Hey J,
    No, mobo will not beep/post without cpu. Good Luck
    Peace Out.........tile

    Keep Hope Alive!
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