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I have just installed WindowsXP pro on my dad's IBM Thinkpad laptop which had windows 2000 on it. While installing, it didn't ask anything concerning the format to NTFS and all the other bunch of stuff that usually happens and it went directly to the winxp install.

But now, when the installation is done and winxp is run for the first time, it doesn't load. It comes to an halt after the welcome screen appears (the hard drive stops spinning and nothing happens)

Now he has windows 2000 and XP installed but the windows 2000 installation is corrupt and alot of programs won't work

Is there a way I could uninstall XP without formatting the laptop completly? because my dad has data he cannot lose and anyway, he's being a b**** about formatting the whole thing..

can anyone help?
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  1. It sounds like it went through an Upgrade Installation, where no formatting is required (Win2k already uses NTFS). If the installation was successful, it would have made Win2k unavailable. So, are you certain that Win2k is still on there? The upgrade installation should have made WinXP the only available OS to boot into.

    Perhaps you can attempt another Upgrade reinstallation?

    One other alternative that I can think of is to jot down the exact error message(s) that appear(s) when attempting to boot into WinXP. For example, you may be getting a message telling you that NTLDR is "missing or corrupt." Let us know. You may be able to use the EXPAND command to replace it.

    Look for all his CDs. If worse comes to worst, you may have to reinstall Windows 2000 and his programs, then upgrade to WinXP Pro. As far as saving his data is concerned, it should still be possible to do. Given you have the resources, here are the various ways to retrieve that data:

    1. Remove the laptop's HDD and connect it to a desktop computer as a slave drive. Run an antivirus scan on the drive, then begin transfering files over to the Master drive. You will need a 2.5"-to-3.5" adapter for this task. Cost is roughly $8.
    2. Remove the laptop's HDD and put it into a portable 2.5" HDD enclosure, then connect it via USB to another computer. Run an antivirus scan of the "portable" drive, then begin transfering files. Cheap enclosures can run you about $20-$25.
    3. Boot into Recovery Console from the WinXP CD to access the C drive. Use floppies to back up small files such as text documents.

    Do you have any technician friends who can do this for you?
  2. I could do this by myself

    And YES windows 2000 is still there I can login to win2k and navigate in the OS but let's say I open add/remove programs or outlook I get weird error msgs telling me some DLL are missing
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