Power problems during a cold boot

I've been recently having some power problems when I cold boot my computer. Before I start, here is a description of my computer.

AMD Athlon Thunderbird 800Mhz
256Mb RAM (Kingmax & Generic)
Leadtek 32Mb Geforce2 Pro
20Gb IBM HDD 7200
6.4Gb Quantum Fireball 5400
5.1 Quantum Fireball 5400
Sony 8x CD-RW
Actima 10x DVD
Creative Sblive
10/100 Netcard
250W Powersupply

I power up and within a second it powers back down. Also if I turn the stsem on and hold down the reset button it doesn't power down until i release it so it's doing it as it's started the POST process. But there are no beeps (yes, the PC speaker is plugged into the right pins). Every now and then when i try to turn it on it actually works and starts the boot up process. I don't have a problem after that. What I have noticed is that the chipset fan was spinning eratically (slowing down then speeding up). Now it's not spinning at all. Once I did notice that the CPU fan did not start spinning when I powered up, but it's only done it once (that I know of).

Obviously there is a power problem here but I'm not sure if the powerdown is caused by the chipset overheating, or if the motherboard is not powering the chipset fan properly. Or even if the powersupply itself is not supplying the mother board enough power (I have disconnected all the HDD's and CD devices and it still had the problem).

In anycase I'm going to buy a 350W Powersupply and a new chipset fan in the hopes that this fixes my problem. I'm hoping that it's not a motherboard problem as despite the fact that it's still in warrantee, I do not want to take it back to the people I bought it from (It took me 3 months just to get my vid card replaced, I don't want to be without my computer that long. But worse comes to worse....)

Anyway if anyone can direct me to the cause and solution of my problem I'd be much appreciative.

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  1. Definately sounds like the power supply. Just get the new one.

    Back to you Tom...
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