EVE Online - Probs with 3 way Eyefinity and 4th screen for movies/tv

Hey Guys,

Am using my old Sapphire 5850 Vapor-X to run my 3 Eyefinity screens @ 1920x1080 each (2xDVI-D/1x DP), and a cheapo card, a Sapphire 5450 DDR3 1Gb to run my Plasma for movies etc (for my girlfriend:) as the box is in the living room).

All the 4 screens detect and work perfectly, the 5450 (via HDMI) handles 1080 movies with ease, no jumping or lag at all.

My problem is that when I try to game at 5760x1080 the computer or game seems to get confused and tries to use the 4th (plasma) screen and prevent its use for other things. I play EVE Online, the screen options are fullscreen, fixed window and window mode and I can choose which card of the 2 to use but it won't let me ignore the forth screen and goes a little crazy, with half movie/half EVE.

Anyone had any experienxce with a 3 Eyefinity setup and a 4th for web browse or other use??

Cheers for any help,

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    Well almost anything is possible with SOFTTH:

    This program does take some work but I'm shure you can get it. Read the help file carefully ;)
  2. thanks, will give that a go
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