Way to limit fps in BF3 beta

I'm sure I would have better luck asking this question in the battlefield forums but I'm to lazy so here's my question.

Is there a way to limit my fps in the BF3 beta to like 30. I usually get like 55-60 frames but on the last stage of map once you reach the city area it starts to bog down. I know that I shouldn't worry about it but I hate not having a consistent FPS.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. putting your specs up would help...

    if you can set your screen rez to 30hz via the desktop. then you can turn on vsnc and limit the game to 30 fps... not all monitors will allow this and the game may override it. so you may have to use the gfx control panel for your card rather than the in game 1 but its still uncertain that it will work.

    huge drops in fps usually denotes a cpu bottleneck. you may want to add .200ghz to your cpu and see if your low end fps increases... if you drop your settings and you still get low fps then you really do have a cpu bottleneck... this will be more prevalent if you have a dual core. as frostbite 2 really does need a tri or quad core if you have a gfx card that is bigger than a 250gts.
    as a dual wont use more than 50 percent of the gpu with bigger cards (run gpu-z to see how much gpu is being used.) if its 50 percent or less than its a cpu problem for definate.
    all you can do to try and compensate is increase the overall quality. it will reduce your top end fps but will raise your low end fps. as your offloading to the gpu, freeing up much needed cpu time.

    this is the reason people say balance your pc. cpu-gpu ratios are very important to stable fps... low end cpu's with high end gfx is a recipe for big fps drops.
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