Vibration feedback in mostwanted

I m having a cheap controller name amigo....
its a dual shock.....dual vibrators..
the vibration feedback works in all games i played till now like dirt 3, grid etc...
but it didn't worked in games like mostwanted,carbon etc....
i want vibration feedback in mostwanted and carbon!!!
in carbon vibration feedback works but its like the vibration feedback is on 2%,atleast it should be 80%??!!
pls help!!
also in wheelman my controller is not detected and if u say to use xpadder or joytokey than how mltiple keys are configured as wheelman has a foot control and vehicle control....

also i can't driver update as they don't have any website and drivers...
the console was give with a cd which has drivers i installed no driver update!!!
pls help!!!
this is the link to the image how it looks:-
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  1. the pic isnt therer
  2. hyperreader said:
    the pic isnt therer

    i updated the u can see the pic...k!!
    sory for tht!!
    and pls do solve my question!!
    :) :D :) :hello:
  3. did you try the settings tab and check the sensitivty of
    the feedback .
  4. hyperreader said:
    did you try the settings tab and check the sensitivty of
    the feedback .

    there is no such option related to vibration feedback sensitivity!!
    but theres a option called rumble in controls wht is it???
    see the pic!!!
  5. then the only thing i can say is to get a dualshock controller for your PC.
    but dont despair , first try some other controller on your PC and if it does not work you will know its the game.
    then you could reinstall it , but dont forget to save your save games.
    if it is not the game then you could buy a dualshock controller which costs around $20.
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