How to activate the wireless keyboard of toshiba laptop

My problem is how can i activate the wireless keyboard of my Satellite L515-S4962 laptop my cellphone cant connect to my laptop even the blue tooth is on?
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  1. Welcome to the forums!

    I'm having a little trouble understanding your question...

    I'm assuming you have bought a wireless keyboard and now need to know how to get it working?

    I'll give you the general instructions since I don't know what kind of wireless keyboard you have. In most cases the keyboard should be plug & play. Simply plug the wireless receiver into an open port (I'm going to assume its a USB receiver), then let windows configure your device. It should be that simple.

    If that doesn't work there should be instructions that came with the keyboard for installing it.

    Also, silly question, but have you made sure the actual keyboard has whatever batteries it needs to run? I always forget details like that.

    Does that help at all?
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