Old car video game with little cars on sand where you can give nitro

I am looking for an old video car game, where I had to compete with a little car on sand (birds view)

against other cars and could give nitro once in a while to be quicker. I also remember that the track

changed once in a while and that it was common that the player had to compete on the same track again but

(first counterclockwise) and then clockwise again (or the other way around). I played this game in the 90ies

in a gaming hall. Now i wonder if I can find that game again and play it on a PC?

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  1. Ivan IronMan Stewarts Super Off Road. I love that game. You can get an orginal Nintendo emulator program like Nesticle and then find a rom. But that is not legal unless you have the game.
  2. I Agree, i use to play the heck out of that game with my friends back when it was in the arcades. Or should i say back when there WERE arcades, LOL.
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