Compare Windows and Os Mac

Compare Windows and Os Mac?
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  1. Too big a question. What aspects interest you?

    If you have a Mac you might as well run OS X; if you have a PC you might as well run Windows.
  2. This is a flame-thread waiting to happen.

    /gets popcorn
  3. I don't think anyone's going to bite.

    Actually, I suspect it's some college kid wanting us to write his coursework for him.
  4. Either way, I'm not going to do anything about it.
  5. Apples and well err... oranges!
  6. oh come on, there's no difference between the two, except for the OS. Hardware upgrades on a mac aren't that hard and the units run faster than their PC equivalents- why else would you be able to run windows on top of the Mac's OS at comparable speeds to a PC itself.
  7. I ******* love that Kawasaki <3 <3
  8. Doing the actual upgrade for a Mac isn't hard... finding the hardware you want can be. As the picture illustrates, you literally have unlimited choice in hardware when you build a Windows box. With a Mac, not so much. There's nothing special about the Mac hardware... it's not running any faster than if it were running Windows.
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