My iomega external hard drive not recognized

External drive does not appear on the desktop. I have had this hardrive for about a year and a half and it is about at half capacity. When I plug in the USB to the computer the light on the device comes on and it either flashes or stays on constantly. It also feels like the device is slightly viabrating. I tried a different USB cord and tried to run the device on another computer without any luck. Is this thing just toast or can the info be retrived?
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  1. You may need to go to computer/ in Windows and look at drives. See if that drive is listed. You may have to enable the drive. If your final drive is C: nornally, then your external should show as D: WD 500 or whatever. Enable it
  2. I think Iomega's were about 10,000 yeara ago in computer tech time.
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