HELP major prob

Hi all.

im building my first PC and am having major problems. I have

Asus k7m266 ddr MB
AMD Athlon 1.4ghz 266fsb
256mb 2100 ddr ram
41gb 7200 hdd
themoengine cooler
300w PSU
etc, etc

Heres the problem, inside the case the MB would not power up at all. I figured this was shorting so i powerd up the motherboard outside the PC.

This worked the MB went to the BIOS menu. Anyway, feeling relieved i put the MB back into the case and traid to power up again, but it still did not work (even though i took xtra care of it shorting on the case)

So to check that the MB was definately working, i powered it up outside the case again. But heres the weird thing, It would boot up, but the fans would not work (MB fan and CPU fan). I immedieltly tunrned it off to prevent CPU damage. and tested another fan and that still didnt work???

(btw, i have had the same problems with this case and an abit k7G MB, but a similar shorting problem occured, i got this mb refunded and bought a brand new asus mb, cpu, and memory)

what is wrong here?? i have gone over everything and am rather stressed and would much appreciate any sugestions or advise.

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  1. Right... lets take it from the top.

    I don't think you're mobo's shorting on anything( if it had it would have died by now). I really don't know why it made a difference whether you ran the mobo in or out of the case... it could have been just coincidence (if anyone can explain this i'm listening).

    Why you're computer won't boot up: from that list of hardware you've got it looks like you're draining a lot of power there... it all depends on your PS, but it might simply not be cutting it (e.g. 1.4Ghz take a f#@$! of power). This would also explain why your fans would not kick in. Try sticking them on a different mobo, if you have one, and try bringing another ps into the scene. Test this setup with something more powerful... maybe a 350-400?

    Is this a BRAND NEW rig? if it is then the mobo might have been damaged, it could be entirely possible that there is a fracture which cuts off the power to the fan leads (allthough this is not likely). I'd suggest you look into it though.

    BTW, i did see that comment about the KG7, if you really think its the case then just get a new one, they're dirt cheap.

    hope that helped...

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  2. don;t know if this will help, but ive run into a similar problem with the mobo not working in the case. There was an extra mobo post in the middle which caused it to not boot. take a peek, you never know. make sure you use insulators as well.

    hope that helps
  3. sounds like your power supply is the problem. it may be the cables that are the problem, they may be coming away from the psu end. this would explain why it will give power to the board when out side the case as they will be pulled over in a different direction. give them a check.
    hope this helps

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  4. man be careful running that cpu without a cooler they fry in a matter of seconds and you board will be toast as well...
    The problem has to lie in your power supply...i would suggest either an antec 412pp, sparkle brand or the enermax power supply...
    And yes it is really easy to short a board in a case...make sure the screws you aer using arent touching the board outside the little metal protector around the screwhole...and if possible dont use plastic spacers...use the metal studs...
    and like the guy said before me try the fan on someone elses board...

    gl !
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