Battlefield 3 beta impressions: :(

When I first entered the battlefield 3 beta I was NOT impressed by the need to use origin and web browser just to start the game. After a very grudging install of origin, I was suprised that instead of starting the game, I was taken to a wannabe facebook/steam clone battlelog. The problem with this unnecessarily convoluted system is that I have to completely exit the game to look at other servers and change other things. Also, the settings cannot be changed unless you are ingame, which usually ends up with you getting shot in the back as you try to change the settings. Apparently PC gamers in the retail release will also be forced to use this system and will have no server browser- only consoles will. :pfff:

However the gameplay is phenomenal and I loved the graphics of the game. Also, I think they turned off dx11 and "ultra" settings in the beta so I cant wait to see what the real game looks like. Also, another problem I spotted in the beta was how hard it was to try and join a game with your friends and ending up on the same squad. I always would be on a different squad and the option to change a squad was not there. Also NO commo rose :( ??? All in all I think DICE is ruining a game that has the potential to be one of the greatest games of all time.
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