Need help with KG7 Raid

I recently bought the KG7 Raid, after reading the reviews on this web site and others. After putting everything together, and turning the power on, I do not get anything on the monitor. No boot up info, or failure, or error messages....I have traced all my steps. But I cannot figure out what went wrong. Help.
Abit KG7 Raid, 256mb DDR x 3, Caviar 40 Gb HDD x 2,in Raid..
ATI Radeon VE AGP, teac floppy, TDK VeloCD cdrw.
Antec 1040B case w/400 P/S. Athlon 1.4 cpu.
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  1. The first thing i would do is unplug everything from the motherboard except for your hd, apg card and then try to boot the system....if it still doesnt boot then trying to reseat the cpu and the memory.....
    If it still doesnt boot then take the board out of the case and lay it on the static bag that came wiht your motherboard and plug everything into it there and power it up and make sure it wasnt just a ground problem in your case....this is usually the case with no boot..
    If it still doesnt boot try a different power supply and see if that was your problem
    Just make sure you have everything plugged good...
    There are no jumpers to be set so no worry about wrong jumper settings because it boots at a default of 900mhz i think before you enter the bios and change it up...

    I have the exact same board and i had no problems at all except the board doesnt like micron chips and for memory modules to work correctly wiht this board you will need the latest bios from think it is revision 4J....
    Good luck!....when you get this thing working you aer giong to love it man..
  2. Civ,
    Thanks for your advice. I do have crucial ddr's. I was able to boot after re-installing 1 DDR Ram, after that I continued to re-seat the other DDR's, and it works fine now. I was trying to download the latest bios for this mobo but the abit web site or rather the link to the bios download has been acting up. Thus, I could not download the lastest update. I will try tomorrow. However, After a few reboot and shutdowns, I am now able to get 1.518 Mghz w/o any problems..I keeping my fingers and toes crossed in trying for a higher Mghz. Any suggestions, On which setting to try?
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