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I am getting a system of core i5 2500k (I'll probably keep it clocked since I don't have liquid cooling), 4-8 gb ddr3 ram, mobo with sli possiblity. The thing is, I need to get another 200 for the gpu (geforce gtx 560 ti), but as of now I can only probably get an emergency gpu for less than 50. Anyway, If I had the gtx 560 installed, what would my theoritical performance be on battlefield 3 on around 2000 x 1400 resolution (at the highest settings)?
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  1. Right now, just stick with the integrated graphics that comes with the CPU.
    Could you please specify that resolution correctly?
    For high resolutions I'd recommend a better video card.
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    GTX 560 Ti should run BF3 at 1080p at high settings. If you ended up with a higher resolution (2000x1400 is a weird one) then I'd recommend a 580GTX or starting with one GTX560ti and adding another one later on...
  3. As alex stated ....the 560 Ti is a good card but at resolutions higher than 1920x1080 you WILL NOT be running BF3 on ultra settings.
  4. I know it is a strange resolution, I just havent been able to use my monitor for some time because my old pc died soem time ago. I just used that number as an exxagarated estimate
  5. +1 alex
  6. lol looks like my accidental 18's have become a meme
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